The Tailor Made EP

by The Tailor Made

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released February 9, 2015

Mixed by Colm Drennan at Elektra Studios, Temple Bar.

All words & music by The Tailor Made.



all rights reserved


The Tailor Made Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: Well Enough Alone
[Verse 1]
I feel good but I don't know why
Prepared to leave, afraid to try
I'm cold, I'm cold
I'm dumb, I'm blind, I've left behind
The comfort in my mind for the last time
I'm cold, I'm cold

But you are so much stronger than me
Fools run the world set me free
From all this stress and I confess
It's got the best of me

[Verse 2]
I'm stuck in an endless loop
Can't stand the lies, can't face the truth
I'm told, I'm told
I toss, I turn, I crash and burn
And yet somehow I'm still so fucking cold
So cold, so cold


Track Name: Elixir
[Verse 1]
Under her thumb he sits and he waits
Wrapped around her finger, for heaven's sake
Too much is enough, He's punching above
It's a question of control not a question of love.

"Please stay." Nobody said.
You're messing with friends, and a wreck of the head
Everyone can see but nobody tells him
So I think you should leave, with your elixirs and spells

[Verse 2]
She has her own slave, and she knows it well
His pride and his dignity, he's willing to sell
24/7 is what he'll dedicate
She took no notice until he went out and lost some weight
Track Name: Back-Stab
[Verse 1]
My time is up and I fucked up I'm not sure if you'd wanna know
My minds made up and I'm giving up, what have I got to show
Besides the lies I tried to hide, you found out to quick
And yeah I know it makes you sick

Who am I to question
What you're fucking Doing
And know all thats left for me
Is everything you left behind

[Verse 2]
Without a doubt I'll be left out and won't look you in the eye
I won't scream or shout a word from my mouth I'm silent until I die
You know I'm through what can I do your style is nothing new
There's only one of me and I'll make less of you
Track Name: Sadist
[Verse 1]
I'm not one to judge but from my perspective
Your means of seducing are more than effective
In their eyes you are one of a kind
But the little games you play make them lose their fucking minds

Will you feel regret or even shame
Will you take any ounce of blame
You're all the same you're all so

Masochistic and Sadistic
You get your kicks in the cruelest of ways
Your sick pleasure won't last forever
I'm not one of those you can easily sway

[Verse 2]
It starts with a subtle glance a cheeky little smile
Then you ignore and resume what you're doing for a while
The seed has been planted
Thoughts are running round his head
Visions of your lingerie at the foot of his bed

Does he know that this is all a game
Hes a pawn and he's being played
You're all the same you're all so


Flirt your way to whatever you want
Play the victim, you're the one who was wronged
Your ego's exposed
He'll call you beautiful you'll say I know